Yasheel - The Story of Victory

What started as a dairy manufacturing company 80 years back, diversified into icecream cone manufacturing business in the year 2011. Located in Anand, Kolkata & Haryana, it currently manufactures a whooping 25 lacs cones per day.

After establishing itself as the ‘Leader of Ice Cream Cones in India’, Yasheel Foods ventured into biscuit manufacturing in 2018, possessing current manufacturing capacity of 1200 MT annually.

Our Mission

Create new market spaces – not following the suit. building customer loyalty by offering them a myriad of quality products that they look forward to, at competitive prices.

Our Vision

Emerge as the most-loved and demanded wafer biscuit company in India. Ones that are loved across all demographics and geographics.

Flavor of Success

Only the right set of ingredients make up for a delicious meal, just like the right characters make a successful story.

  • Yasheel is a quality-driven FMCG company founded by promoters with an experience of more than 30 years in the food domain.
  • Our founder Mr. Keyur Doshi owns a Masters in Food Technology from Australia.
  • Our founder Mr. Keyur Doshi owns a Masters in Food Technology from Australia.
  • After testing success, he realised the market urge for biscuits and bakery products. Yasheel grabbed the opportunity and started manufacturing wafer cream biscuits in 2018.



Family Enters the milk industry.


Masters in Food Technology bestowed upon Mr. Keyur Doshi.


Ice cream cone manufacturing kick-started under the brand name “Topnotch”.


Started manufacturing of organic fertilizer under the brand name Vadodara Organo Khad Pvt. Ltd.

The Caravan

Our Journey


Emerged as top-notch cone manufacturer in Gujrat.


Stepped into Paint Testing and Calibration laboratories under the brand name RSD Laboratories.


Expansion of cone manufacturing unit in West Bengal.


Initiated manufacturing of wafer cream biscuit in Gujrat under the brand name Yasheel Foods & emerged as the largest cone manufacturer in India