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Twist in tale of


Who We Are

Yasheel - The Story of Victory

What started as a dairy manufacturing company 80 years back, diversified into icecream cone manufacturing business in the year 2011. Located in Anand, Kolkata & Haryana, it currently manufactures a whooping 25 lacs cones per day.

After establishing itself as the ‘Leader of Ice Cream Cones in India’, Yasheel Foods ventured into biscuit manufacturing in 2018, possessing current manufacturing capacity of 1200 MT annually.

No Additives

What crosses your mind when you hear of wafers?


Here’s bringing a paradigm shift

With a singular focus to provide the ultimate bliss to consumers’ taste-buds, without compromising on their health; YASHEEL FOODS, one of the fastest growing FMCG company in India offers color & preservative free wafer biscuits, with cream and wafer in equal proportions.

Why choose between health or taste, when you get the best of both worlds with Yasheel?

Product Portfolio

Only the right set of ingradients make up for a delicious meal, just like the right characters make a successful story

Chocolate Flavoured

Bite into a universal love – luscious chocolate cream, neatly laden between crispy wafers, and take your senses for an inexplicable ride.

Vanilla Flavoured

They say beauty lies in simplicity, we say beautiful flavours lie in simplicity. Crispy wafer biscuits generously coated with plain vanilla flavour, to give you simply delightful experience when they melt in the mouth.

Strawberry Flavoured

The heightened sense of excitement when you munch into the crispiness of the wafer biscuit mellows down when your palate encounters the creamy strawberry cream that’s hidden between them. A hide & seek game you tastebuds would love to play.

Pineapple Flavoured

Sweet, tart, crunchy & smooth, let your tastebuds enjoy the best of many worlds with these crispy wafer biscuits loaded with pineapple flavour. Resist not, simply give in to the temptation.

Orange Flavoured

Add an element of freshness to your snack time experience with these crispy & flavoursome orange wafer biscuits. A beautiful amalgamation of sweet-tart taste, you’d love to overindulge.

Pinaorange Flavoured

Unique, refreshing and sweet. These delicious Pina Orange crispy wafer biscuits are bursting with creamy orange flavour, with undertones of pineapple flavour in between. A twist in the tale of your regular wafer biscuits which are sure to become your favourites.

Blueberry Flavoured

Light & crispy wafer biscuits generously layered with a fine cream filling of fresh & fruity blueberries. Your taste buds will thank you for this fabulous snacking pleasure.

Cheese Flavoured

We all love cheese & wafers, and when they’re combined, the result is two good to be true! These Crunchy wafer biscuits with dollops of real cheese are devourable and a great starter for any party!

Quality Product

Quality over Quantity

We Create delicacies for the world to relish, with cutting-edge technology, keeping in mind best hygiene practices.

Hygiene, Quality and Customer Satisfaction being our pillars, all our products are manufactured in our fully automated facility, where there is no human interaction. Our product contain no preservatives and colour and are perfect balance of cream and biscuit.



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